Charter of International Motorhome or Camper Exchanges

1 - The principles of these exchanges are based on a friendly relationship and mutual respect between the two families.

2 - The two families agree to help each other during the preparation for the trips (places to visit according to the interests, road conditions, and so on...) by exchanging information on e-mail.

3 – The families should own approximately equivalent motorhomes.

4 - There cannot be any financial remuneration made between the two families.

5 - The owner of the motorhome must check that his insurance covers the exchange with a foreign driver. The foreign driver must pay for any supplementary insurance that is required.

6 - In case of an accident for which the foreign driver is responsible, the foreign driver must pay the cost of repairs if the cost is lower than the amount of the deductible. If the cost of repairs is higher than the amount of the deductible, the foreign driver shall pay the owner double the deductible (to cover the cost of the deductible and to help cover the loss of value of the motorhome).

7 - The owner is financially responsible for maintenance and mechanical repairs to the engine (for example, changing the oil).

8 - The owner provides the motorhome with full fuel tanks. The foreign party must return it to the owner with full tanks at the end of the trip.

9 - The contents of the motorhome (kitchen utensils, bedding, towels, etc.) is included in the exchange to the foreign family.

10 - The foreign driver must treat the owner’s motorhome as if it were his own.

11 - Both families, together, shall make an inventory of the condition of the motorhome at the beginning and end of the exchange.

12 - The owner of the motor home shall meet the foreign party at the nearest international airport at the beginning, and return them at the end, of the exchange.

13 - The owner shall familiarize the foreign party with the operation of all parts of the motorhome. The owner shall also give the foreign driver some training in driving the motorhome.

14 – There shall be no mileage charge.

15 - The length of the exchanges should be approximately equal for the two families.


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